Translation is a process that consists in the recreation of the whole message and sense in a different language — in my case it happens between English and Polish. It is worth bearing in mind that translation should not be a word-to-word message, but it should be culturally adapted and tailored to the recipient of the text. My task is to convey the meaning in an understandable and familiar way and to focus on more than words — I am here to help you reach new cultures, new clients and new business opportunities.

What is in it for you?

A proper translation can break new grounds for your business purposes: it is an ideal way to gain new clients and reach a wider group of recipients. I will gladly help you achieve that.

Scope of servies

Legal translations

Sample projects
  • Power of attorney 1,460 words
  • Cooperation agreement  2,750 words
  • Construction contract 18,750 words

Types of documents

agreements (purchase – sale agreements, tenancy agreements, construction works contract, supply contracts, employment agreements, non-disclosure agreements), insurance policies, certificates, authorisations, powers of attorney, licences.

Business translations

Sample projects
  • Training materials 7,550 words
  • Annual report 12,220 words
  • Internal regulations 5,340 words

Types of documents

Internal communication, annual reports, financial statements, press releases, case studies, references, training materials for employees, terms and conditions and regulations.

IT translations


Proper communication is a key to success. The way we speak influences the way we are perceived — interpreting can help you achieve numerous benefits. There are various types of interpreting and it is crucial to choose the one ideal for the occasion. You deserve the best, that is why I do my utmost to convey the whole sense of your utterance. Let me take care of your words and you will not be misunderstood.

What is in it for you?

Interpreting can positively influence the image of your company. Focus on the positive outcome of your negotiations, presentation or discussion. I will put your message across.

Scope of services

Simultaneous interpreting

Simultaneous interpreting takes place in a booth during e.g. a conference. An interpreter hears the utterance in the speakers and renders the message into a microphone almost simultaneously. It is an ideal solution for the meetings with great numbers of participants. Almost always a pair of interpreters is necessary.

Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting can be performed by one professional. The original speaker often pauses between sentences or thoughts and allows time for the interpreter to deliver their message little by little. It is ideal for business meetings, negotiations, traning or presentation with a small number of participants.


Chuchotage, also called whispered interpreting, is a form of simultaneous interpreting. It is perfect for 2-3 people and is ideal for trainings, business meetings, even for guided tours. Another interpreter might be necessary.

High quality of my work

When performing my work I always do my utmost to provide you with the highest quality. In order to satisfy the needs of my clients I support Quality in Translation campaign, which involves several internal steps I follow before delivering a projects — and what does it mean for you? You are sure the translation does not contain errors which, in result, allows you to save time and money.
  • I am constantly developing my skills and knowledge related to my own scope of work and the industries I translate for
  • I accept projects that are in line with my abilities and competencies
  • I do not accept projects for rates that make it impossible for me to perform my work in an efficient and diligent way
  • My broad network includes colleagues and specialists who help me resolve doubts and issues concerning i.e. complex terminology