Although every project is treated individually, there are numerous factors that influence the final price: the length of a document, its format, deadline as well as its level of complexity. For instance, translation of texts delivered as a non-editable PDF or scans will be more expensive than a simple document sent in a .doc format.

Rates for translation start from PLN 0.16 for a source word.

Interpreting is charged on the basis of blocks. One block covers 4 hours and costs PLN 600.

Please note: when working with clients from abroad my rates are provided in a respective currency (USD, GBP, EUR).

*1 page consists of 250 words.

Important information

  • the provided prices are approximate and net (+23% VAT)
  • I issue VAT invoices
  • files are delivered only via e-mail
  • all norms of quotations are in accordance with the guidelines provided by the Association of Polish Translators and Interpreters
  • client covers the costs of accomodation and per diem (interpreting services)
  • the cost of transport is included in my working time and is covered by a client (interpreting services)
  • the acceptance of a provided means you accept General Terms and Conditions of Services

More details about prices, payments and my scope of work are included in FAQ. You can drop me a line directly via contact form or contact me via mobile phone or social media profiles. I will gladly discuss your project with you.

Other translator/interpreter provided a lower price. Why?

In every industry prices depend on the person who provides them. My rates reflect the guaranteed quality, my knowledge and experience. I am well aware of the value of my work and the effort I had to put during long years of studying and acquiring proper qualifications. Therefore, I do not accept projects for rates which denigrate my work and the work of other professional translators and interpreters. However, I am sure that my passion and skills can be found in my work and the satisfaction of my clients.