What does the quotation process look like?

The price of a service depends on numerous factors, such as: complexity of the text in terms of its terminology, its lenght, format and a proposed deadline.

The quote for a translation service is based on 1800 characters with spaces or, more often, on a number of the source words.

As far as the interpreting services are concerned, the price depends, among others, on the place of the service, available reference materials and the topic of the project.

What language combination do you work in?

I translate and interpret only between English and Polish.

What kind of topics do you translate?

I work exclusively in the following specialisations: law, business and IT. It means that I do not translate or interprete in the fields whose subjects exceed the range of my knowledge and competences. It would make it impossible for me to guarantee high quality of my services.

How long does it take to translate a document?

The time necessary for the completion of a translation depends on the type of a document and its length. The beginning of a translation takes place on a day following the day of the client’s acceptance of the quote. If I am currently working on a numerous project, the deadline is discussed and determined individually.

I can also translate in fast or express mode, both of which are subject to individual determination with a client.

Do you charge an hourly rate for the interpreting services?

No. Interpreting services are settled on the basis of so-called blocks. One block consists of 4 hours and even if an interpreting service takes only 1 hour, a client is obliged to pay for the whole block. It is a standard procedure among interpreters and is in accordance with the rules for remuneration of conference interpreters in Poland.

How do you ensure high quality of your work?

I do my best to work in accordance with the EN15038 European standard for the translation industry. I also strongly support Quality in Translation initiative. It is extremely important to me to avaid accepting projects for unacceptable rates and of subject areas outside my specialisations. I am constantly developing my professional knowledge and skills by participating in webinars, courses and conferences.

How do you ensure confidentiality of the translated documents?

All documents I work on are under strict control. I do not make them available to third parties, unless you wish me to. They are stored and used in a confidential manner.

How can I pay for your services? Do you issue VAT invoices?

I issue VAT invoices. I accept payment by a bank transfer or via Pay-Pal in the following currencies: PLN, USD, EUR, and GBP. If you have multiple documents to translate I can create a collective invoice at the end of each month.

Other translator/interpreter provided a lower price. Why?

In every industry prices depend on the person who provides them. My rates reflect the guaranteed quality, my knowledge and experience. I am well aware of the value of my work and the effort I had to put during long years of studying and acquiring proper qualifications. Therefore, I do not accept projects for rates which denigrate my work and the work of other professional translators and interpreters. However, I am sure that my passion and skills can be found in my work and the satisfaction of my clients.